Tracksolid v2.3 release note

Rrport date 2019/1/25. Thanks for all Tracksolid users, improvements of tracksolid is every user’s feedbacks and supports.

  1. Optimize language switch on login page

2. Monitor page adds 2 hours refresh, avoiding long time monitoring invalid

3. In order to avoid email is illegally added to receive alerts, tracksolid adds email verification. Only verified email can receive email alert notifications.

4. Sharing location valid time is changed to manually set.

5. An europen server nodes were added.
Device port to european server:
App port to european server: app->settings->switch to EU node

6. Added SSL to enable https for several branded Tracksolid/CarMatrix platform

7. Branded 7 branded tracksolid web platform and 4 app tracksolid.

8. Alerts report add a default one month filter.

9. OpenAPI added below:

  • Modify device expiration date
  • Add interface for transfer device between accounts
  • Added URL of sharing location.
  • Strengthened device information interface, added VIN, Vehicle Brand, Vehicle Mode, Fuel_100km

10. Added a page for testing sharing e-scooter.
Query url, please contact: or

11. Added a sub domain for serving conrtainer tracker CT10

12. Added a tool for bulk-configure GT800’s server IP.

13. Added device and virtual cards interfaces to data center, connected data center with sales system.

14. Added notice to daily mileage report, time is UTC(GMT).

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