Concox Official Tracking Platfrom

Amazon Cloud Hosted

Amazon Cloud Server as one of the safest cloud servers, which has mature solution to ensure all data is secured. Amazon worldwide cloud host solution ensure anywhere in the world can access server fast.

Extra Benefits

Concox GPS device standard warranty is 12 months. But if user also use tracksolid lifetime, the device warranty expends to be 3 years.

Fast After-sales Service

Our team is good at English, and fast response. Clients can reach us by email, phone call and online chat.

Google Map

Tracksolid uses google map business version, ensuring great user experience.

6 Months Data Storage

All GPS tracking data can be saved for 6 months.

Developed by Concox Team

Concox has a developer team of 100+ developers, ensuring tracksolid keep moving forward to be more stronger, to add more functions. And our own team is fast to fix any problem, maintaining the server well. Concox is one of major GPS manufactures all around the world, keep a rapid growing. Tracksolid as a product of Concox will keep improving and keep serving users worldwide. So user will get better and better service without worrying a platform go shutdown at all.

Branding Service

Tracksolid supports both web platform and app branding. Web platform: clients' logo, domain and login page background. App both iOS and android: Logo, icon, login page. We will keep branded app upgraded when tracksolid upgraded.

20 Geo-fences for one device

User can draw 20 Geo-fence for a device, when device enter in or out a fence, tracksolid will push notification on web platform, smartphone app and by email.

Multi Reports and Alerts

Multi reports including igintion, mileage, alerts, overspeed, geo-fence, idling, driving behavior, ACC on/off, etc. Reports can be dumped or printed.

5.8 million devices running on Tracksolid

Web –
Tracksolid is developed by Concox. All Concox GPS Tracker models can be used on this platform.

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Quick Starts

Demo. Click button “demo” on the login page of tracksolid    For deep test, we suggest you buy our GPS trackers and test on tracksolid.
2.Account management
3Device management
4. Monitor
5. Virtual Cards
6. Useful Tools
7. Commands
8. Notifications and Alerts
9. Geo-fence
10. Set Expiration

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