The Story Behind Daniel


I love the nature very much. Sometimes travel hours just to see a beautiful sunset. Maybe because I grow up in countryside. Since I was a little boy, freely ran in the wild field, crossed green forest, swum in the river. The sky was pure blue, the grass was green, the flowers were fragrant,  the clouds were slowing changing shape. With a bunch of friends, we played freely in the beautiful field. 

At weekends, there’re lots of activities of one day trip to climb mountains. It is lots of fun to hike with a group of people in forests.

Great Wall (Photographed by a team member)
A journey to cross Qi Dynasty Great Wall

With 30+ people crossed Qi Dynasty great wall in 2015. Different from famouse Badaling Great Wall, the Qi dynasty is a wild great wall, no man to maintain.

Team Member

There are many no human maintain great wall of many different dynasties. I think those wild great walls are more beautiful than badaling, and also no need of any ticket, not crowded at all and quiet.

Ancient Great Wall

Currently living in Shenzhen, a very crowded and busy city, I keep running at night. Normally twice 10+ km running every week.

Another sports I am fond of is cycling. It allows me to travel very far while enjoying sightseeing. Now I do running more than cycling, but when at university I did cycling a lot. There are lots of cycling lovers in China. The most famous route is to  cycle to Tibet. It takes over a month to reach capital city of Tibet.

A cycling journey to see sea

Besides sports and nature, i do love movie and literature. As for western movies, The Matrix impresses me. Another movie called Source Code I think is one of the best movies in these 10 years.

Source Code directed by Duncan Jones

Hit the road

When I was in middle school, around 12 yrs ago, first time I listened the song “take me home country roads” , I fell in love with it. Travel is a feeling, full with hope and expectation. No matter where we head to or what’s coming tomorrow, just go ahead freely. Youth is about exploring. I will always keep the interest of exploring, to see a bigger world. 

Places I have visited

In the next 3 years, I plan to visit western China, Sichuan, Yunnan, and possible to go to Gansu and Shanxi. And I also want to go to Thailand and Japan to stay one week in each country. I’d like to have companions, if anybody interested in those places, please let me know. 


My hometown is a small town named “bailian” , which means lotus flower, located in Hubei province, beside the Yangtse River.  The town is very beautiful, with a population of around 20 thousand. 

Where is my hometown

The main industry here is argriculture, thanks to excellent weather, crops grow very well. When I was in primary school 15 years ago, most people here were farmers. As urbanization going on, more and more farmers migrate to south China to work in factories, especially developed areas like Guangdong province. It happens all around China, It reports that by 2016 there are 282 millions migration workers in China, mostly from middle and west China to east China, a typical destination is Shanghai.

Bailian Sunset

Just in the center of the town, I spent three years in middle schooling. Even though in China middle school is very hard, a lot of courses and homework, I was very happy during the whole school time. A lots of classmates became my good friends, full of happy memories. Compared to big cities, people here are more traditional, and community here are very close.

Bailian Reservoir

The reservoir is near the town market place. At weekends, I usually went there with best friends. The landscape is a pure beauty. There is nearly no factory in the town, so no pollution at all. The land, water and air is extremely pure and clean. 

Doufang Temple

Doufang mountain is the hottest tourist spot, around 15km from the town center. There are many buddhism temples in the mountain. Though over 90% of chinese people have no religion belief, people go to temple several times a year, to pray for wealth, health and good luck. Especially the first day of Chinese calendar, most chinese people will go to a temple.

Bailian River

Bailian River is the main river of the town, connected with the Bailian reservoir, providing rich water source for crops. There’s  a story behind the river. Long time ago, the river was called bailixian, which means a long and dangerous river. a couple lived on each side of the river. They are in deep love but cannot meet up beacause of the dangerous river.  The girl was missing the boy very much. Finally one day the girl cannot stand any more, jumped into the river. And shortly a white lotus flower rose up in the river. People believe the flower was the spirit of the girl, then changed the river name to Bailian River, bailian in chinese means white lotus flower.

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