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Concox BL10 Lock for Sharing Bikes

Concox BL10 is designed for sharing bike management. Built-in GSM, GPS, bluetooth and 10000 mah 18650 lithium battery.  GSM quad band, GPRS class 12 TCP/IP. CE, FCC certificated.

Concox BL10 Lock Advantages

  • Built-in GPS, GSM, Bluetooth.
  • Water-proof, strong lock frame, durable under harsh environments. 
  • FOTA, making firmware upgrade easy.
  • Built-in 18650 battery and external solar panel ensure constant power supply.
  • As one of OFO suppliers, also exported large quantities to USA, Germany, Brazil and India. Quality has been proven.
  • CE, FCC certificated. 

Concox BL10 - How It Works

1.How to Unlock:

  • Cellphone app scans QR code on bike  -> Cellphone requests to server -> Server sends unlock cmd to lock directly .
  • Cellphone app scans QR code on bike -> Cellphone requests to server -> Server sends unlock cmd to cellphone -> cellphone delivers unlock cmd to lock via bluetooth.

2. How to charge fee

Most Chinese sharing bike companies charge as follow:

  • User need register with formal ID to get an bike account.
  • If credit system is not mature or a low credit user, then the user must pay deposit. In case if the bike  is stolen or damaged by a user. While now most Chinese sharing bike companies do not need deposit for those who have a nice credit record.
  • User need to top up account before start to use a bike by scanning QR code. For top up RMB 20 by Alipay or wechat, then user can see RMB 20 in account. If there is no any credit in account, when scan QR code, app will put notifications showing “cannot open lock because no credit left”, and reminds user need to top up.
  •  When user close the lock, lock will send info to server to let serve know the service ends. Server will calculate the cost according to usage duration. Server will charge the credit and nottify the charge to user on app.

3. Power Supply:

  • Internal 10000 mah 18650 Li-ion.
  • External Solar panel installed on basket.
  • Hub electricity generating (optional, not suggested because it need much strength to ride for generating electricity
  • Manually charge. There are wires for connecting lock’s 18650 battery with external battery for charging.(Without solar panel or Hub electricity generator. ) 

4. Broken bike check:

  • Server side can check if connection with bike and GPS positioning is well.
  • End user can report any problem through APP.
  • Manually check bike on site.

5. Parking Control

  • Paint parking area.
  • Use i-beacon tech. Set i-beacon in parking lot, bike only can be locked within i-beacon areas.
  • Manually transport parked bikes. When in busy hour like morning in the workdays, people just ride from a subway station to several office buildings. So the bikes in subway stations or bus stops are not enough in a short time, while lots of bikes parking in office buildings. In this situation, management team need transport bikes back to subway stations or bus stops from working areas.

6. User experience

  • When a user need a bike, app will show bikes on map. Then user can know which is the nearest one. And user can book a bike on app in advance.
  • Open a lock, just need to scan QR code. In a situation when it is very hard to sacn QR code, user can key in Bike number printed on bike’s body, to open the lock. At night, the app will show a flashlight option when scan QR.
  • Whenever a user comes across a problem, can immediately report on app. For e.g. user open a lock but found the pedal is broken. Then user can report on app and cancel the order or ask for refunding.
  • APP can record every trip with speed, duration, GPS location. User can share the trip in SNS like facebook, instagrame.

7. Big Data & Commercial

  • Every user has an account. And the server side record every trip from A to B. This is useful information for analyze users’ activities, important data for commercial marketing.
  • On app, especially the map, can show several highlight locations of shops. When user reach to the highlight locations, can get gifts. This is a way to promote shops.

Concox BL10 Download

Concox BL10 Package

Solar panel ( optional, put in the bottom of basket and wired with lock) ,
Power cables,

Lock size: 21X14.5X9 cm
Lock weight: 1.2KG
Solar panel size: 27X17.5X2 cm
Solar panel with wires weight: 300g
Size weight (with solar panel): around 3.5KG

BL10 Q&a

Q: How to fix the lock on bike?
A: There are fasteners and screws o fix lock on rear fork. Normally for massive production, bike factory install the lock on the bikes.

Q: Do I need to develop my own server and app?
Yes, it is very necessary. Because the user data is very important for further commerce and development. Your own server can ensure all data under your control.
And we can provide all software development documents you need.

Q: For sample test, do you have app for android or iOS?
A: Yes we have both iOS and android app, which have all functions as any other mature sharing bike app.

Pricing & Commercial

There is no quantity limit for trial order, you can order 1 unit. Normally we send by express like DHL, aramex. Process: 
1. Confirm model and quantity.
2. We make an proforma invoice, which covers products details, price, quantity, delivery, payment. To complete the PI, also we need you to provide consignee info such as Consignee name, phone, adress, VAT (if needed by your Customs), Company name (optional), Postcode.
3. After receive your payment as proforma Invoice. We will send products and give you delivery tracking No.

We do have a spread pricing depending on quantity. For details, please Ask for price  by Skype, or By Email.

Wrapper. It is a wrapper on white box packing. We provide service for customizing wrapper with your logo and design.
Platform both web & app.  They can be branded as well. 

MOQ 100 units. Normally we have enough inventory as a manufacturer. But for ensuring a fast shipping, you may need ask us inventory. Or tell us your order plan, so we can manufacture in advance.

Contact Now

Any inquiry, please feel free to contact. Beside standard products, Concox & Jimi are good at ODM.
Occasionally Concox & Jimi have promotions on several models. For e.g. for 200 units order, send some units for free as gifts.

Whatsapp: +86 186 1706 3756
Skype: danielsuxin
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Prompt response is assured within 24 hours once receive your message.

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