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Concox Wetrack2 Vehicle GPS Tracker

Wetrack2 is a popular vehicle GPS tracker. Excellent in accuracy, water & dust proof, engine cut function. GSM full frequency.

Concox Wetracke2 Advantages

  • Huge quantity sold in market, high quality has been proven.
  • Water & dust proof shell and plug
    Engine cut function.
  • 9v to 90v wide voltage range, can be used for car, truck, e-bike, and motorbike.
  • Vehicle battery voltage monitoring and report.
  • Vehicle battery saving method. When vehicle battery is low, device stops stealing power from vehicle battery to save power for ignition.


Concox Wetrack2 Key functions

  • ACC Detect
  • Engine cut
  • Battery protection
  • Multi alarms
  • Wide voltage
  • Geo fence

Concox Wetrack2 Download

Concox Wetrack2 Package

Power cable,
A 12V 4-pin relay,
A user manual

Box size:12.3×8.5×4.9(cm)
Box weight:190g
Carton qty.:40 pcs
Carton size:28.5×27.5×36.5(cm)
Weight: 8.1kg

Concox Wetrack2 Q&a

Q: How much data does Wetrack2 GPS Tracker consume a month?
A: 5MB to 30 MB a month.

Q: I have integrated some of your other models in my platfrom. Do I need to work a lot to integrate wetrack2, as it is a new model?
A: No, you don’t need work a lot for wetrack2 integration. Actually many of our models share same protocols. Details as below:
Same protocol:
GT06N, GT06F, GT06E, GV20, ET200, ET210, ET310, GV20A.
Same protocol:
JM01, JV200, GT300, GT800, MT200, OB22, X3, Q2, GT08, Wetrack lite, ET25.

Q: Does wialon support wetrack2?
A: Please refer to question above. As wetrack2 share same communication protocol with GT06N, GT06F, GT06E, GV20, ET210, ET310, GV20A.
If a platfrom can support any of GT06N, GT06F, GT06E, GV20, ET210, ET310, GV20A, then can support wetrack2 as well.

Q: How to configure your GPS tracker?
Three ways: PC desktop tool, SMS Command. Also can be configured on web platform or app, after log in server.

Pricing & Commercial

Web Platform
First please download and install Tracksolid on appstore or google play. Web platform url: There is a demo button on login page.
For live support, please contact Techinican by email or by Skype.

Trial Order
There is no quantity limit for trial order, you can order 1 unit. Normally we send by express like DHL, aramex. Process: 
1. Confirm model and quantity.
2. We make an proforma invoice, which covers products details, price, quantity, delivery, payment. To complete the PI, also we need you to provide consignee info such as Consignee name, phone, adress, VAT (if needed by your Customs), Company name (optional), Postcode.
3. After receive your payment as proforma Invoice. We will send products and give you delivery tracking No.

Pricing and Distribution policy:
We do have a sprad pricing depending on quantity. For details, please Ask for price  by Skype, or By Email.

Wrapper. It is a wrapper on white box packing. We provide service for customizing wrapper with your logo and design.
Platform both web & app.  They can be branded as well. 

Bulk Order:
MOQ 100 units. Normally we have enough inventory as a manufacturer. But for ensuring a fast shipping, you may need ask us inventory. Or tell us your order plan, so we can manufacture in advance.

Contact Now

Any inquiry, please feel free to contact. Beside standard products, Concox & Jimi are good at ODM.
Occasionally Concox & Jimi have promotions on several models. For e.g. for 200 units order, send some units for free as gifts.

Whatsapp: +86 186 1706 3756
Skype: danielsuxin

Prompt response is assured within 24 hours once receive your message.

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