ET500 E-bike GPS Tracker

ET500 is a new released e-bike GPS Tracker in Spring 2019.

Main Features:
This GPS tracker can connect with e-bike’s anti-theft port, to control bike ignition and lock. Also can get information of bike battery voltage, igition sttatus and GPS location.
With the tracker, user can turn on ignition by app, instead of key. In lock mode, if theft tried to turn on ignition, will trigger buzzer alarm and user can can receive alert immediately on app and platform.

– Lock wheel through app and platform
– Special plugs for easy installation
– Water-proof IPx5
– 90v voltage range. Suitable for bike battery 36v, 48v, 60v, 72v.
– Turn on Ignition through app and platform (Instead of using key)
– External buzzer for anti-theft alarm and find bike quickly
– Illegal igition alarm (Buzzer, platform and app)
– Illegal power cut off alarm
– Vibration alarm
– Auto-lock bike after ignition off.

Built-in GPS and GSM full frequency.
Built-in 270mAh/3.7v Lithium-Ion battery.
Work current <= 8mA
Standby current <= 5mA
Tracker size: 77 * 29 * 13 mm
Tracker weight: 43g
Work Temperature: -20 degree to 70 degree.

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