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Concox GPS Tracker & Jimi IoT Solution


Clients Served

  • E-bike/scooter manufacturer.
  • E-bike/scooter retail stores.
  • E-bike/scooter spare parts sellers.
  • Road safty and aid company.
  • Cellular network operator.
  • E-bike/scooter insurance company
  • Vehicle financial company
  • E-bike/Scooter taxi operators
  • Express e-bike/scooter three-wheeler or two wheeler.e


  • Establish a lifetime relationship with the driver and vehicle.
  • Anti-theft for motorcycle owners.
  • Increase safty for both driver and motorcycle.
  • Management for rental and leasing companies.
  • Add features for e-bike manufactures to gain more customers.
  • Collect big data for city management, secondary service & software development.
  • Collect big data of user habits and motorcycle performance for motorcycle mnufacturer to improve products.

Hardware Features

Real Time GPS Track

Server can get motorcycle location, speed, battery voltage, mileage, engine on/off status.

Anti-theft alerts

Server can receive alert from tracker: vibration alert when parking, overspeed alert, engine on/off, disassembly alert

Wide Voltage

9v to 90v voltage range. Suitable for bike battery 36v, 48v, 60v, 72v.

Easy Installation

Special plugs enable fast installation without cutting ebike wires

Battery Management

Server can get realtime report of motorcycle battery voltage information. When motorcycle battery is low to a particular voltage, tracker will stop stealling power to avoid drain battery.

cut off power remotely

Server can cut off (lock) power by sending a command on web platform or smartphone app.

Keyless Power Control

Turn on/off Ignition through app and platform (Instead of using key).

Keyless Lock bike

Once disable power on switch through app or platform, bike cannot be turned on. If anybody press power on button, will trigger buzzer larm and alert messages are pushed to platform and smartphone app.


Geo-fence is a technology that enables software to trigger a response when GPS tracker enters or leaves a particular area.

Hide deep & Water-Proof

Mini size, hidden LED indicator, which makes tracker can be deeply hidden inside motorcycle.

Device software interface

  • GPS Terminal has 2G GSM GPRS/ or 3G WCDMA model for communicating with server over TCP socket.
  • Well designed firmware for you to fast integrate the GPS terminals into your server.
  • Our professional software tech support team will provide prompt support to your integration. 
  • More than 2 million our GPS terminals have been integrated with clients’ server or third-party platforms.
  • Our server platform Tracksolid ( ), iOS & android app “tracksolid” can be used for your project or for demo.
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