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JIMI JC200 Cloud Dash Camera
A Cloud Dash Camera Combines
Dash Camera with GPS Tracker


JC200 Specs & Main Features

JC200 is a strenthened model based on JC100. Built-in GPS, WIFI, 9-axis motion sensor and 3G WCDMA. It is both good for private cars and fleet management. The key is cloud service. With web platform and smartphone app, user can view their vehicles anytime form anywhere. It is a CE, FCC certificated model.

CPU: ARM Cortes A7 Quad-Core 1.2GHz
WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n,  Frequency 2.4GHz, Hotspot
GPS: Internal GPS, location accuracy < 10 meters.
OS: Android 4.4
Flash: eMMC Flash 8G
Ram: DDR3L 1GB, Frequency 533MHz
Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900. WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100
Motion: 9 axis motion sensor
TF Card: Max to 128GB, while 32GB is recommended.  
SIM & TF card Lock: Prevent from being removed. There is a key for the lock. Good design for commercial fleet management.       
Light Sensor: Yes
Gyroscope: Yes                                                                                                         
MIC & Speaker: Yes, Built-in
USB Port: Yes 5PIN                                        
Supply Power: DC 12V to 36V. 
Internal Battery: No
External Battery: Yes, 450 mah
2PIN – SOS Button
4PIN – RS232 
1PIN – Relay Control
1 PIN – Ignition Detect                                             

Forward: Full HD 1080P, FOV 140°. True Color.
Inward: 640 X 480, FOV 90°. Night Vision, Black & White.

Dual Cameras Record at the same time.: 
30fps, H.264 Encoding, MP4.
TF card local storage:
– General Video
Forward Camera 135 MB/ 3min @ 1920 X 1080 MP4.
Backward Camera 70 MB/ 3min @ 640 X 352 MP4. 
Video demo piece view and download

– Event Video
Forward Camera 12MB/ 15sec @ 1920 X 1080 MP4

Loop Record Support Max 128Gb TF card, automatically record when ACC on. 32GB is recommend, if 64GB or 128GB, need set SD card to be FAT32.
Local Event Record
Event video are saved in EVENT File in TF card, cannot be overwritten by normal non-event video.
Upload Event Record
By settings, JC200 can automatically record and upload event video to cloud server. Meanwhile user will receive message alert notification.

Q: How much data JC200 consume one month.
A: Besides GPS Tracking data cost 5Mb to 30Mb a month. The main data consumption as below, live videoremote video and remote photo. The three functions only will be executed when user request on app.
Data consumption as below.
Both forward & backward cameras are 60KB/second @ 640 X 352 MP4.
Forward Cam 14MB/10 sec @ 1920 X 1080 3GP.
Backward Cam 364KB/ 10sec @ 640 X 352 3GP.
Forward Cam 1.8MB @ 1920 X 1080 PNG.
Backward Cam 100KB @ 640 X 352 PNG

JC200 Key Functions

Monitor your vehicle from anywhere, using your smartphone

  • Live Stream: 
    View and Record the live video feed from both inside and outside your vehicle.
  • GPS Tracking: 
    Track your vehicle wherever you are with the JC200 built in GPS. And the Tracked routes can be saved on cloud server for later checking.
  • Two-Way Communication: 
    Use the built in speaker to communicate with whoever is in your vehicle.
  • SOS:
    Press SOS button for over 3 seconds, device will call preset SOS numbers and send notification to web platform & app.
  • Engine Cut:
    Send command to device can cut off or recover engine. The commands can be sent through platform or smartphone app & SMS.
  • External Sensor:
    The 4-PIN RS232 can be connected with sensor such as fuel sensor, RFID reader, Temp sensor.
  • Car Battery Protection: 
    The JC200 can detect the car battery voltage. If car battery is low, JC200 can stop stealing from car battery, in order to avoid draining car battery.
  • Anti-theft alarm:
    Watches over your vehicle when it is parked and alerts you via your cellphone if the G-Sensor is triggered (Vibration detected).
  • WIFI Download: 
    Allows you to connect your cellphone to the JC200, giving you the ability to transfer and review your recorded footage.
  • WIFI Hotspot: 
    JC200 can sharing sim 3G cellular network through WIFI hotspot, allowing you to connect your cellphone with WIFI hotspot to surf internet.
  • 9-axis motion sensor:
    More sensitive than JC100’s G-sensor. Excellent in detecting impact and monitoring driver behavior such as harsh brake, harsh turn or harsh accelerate.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring:
    Built-in 9-axis accelerate sensor is extremely sensitive in detecting harsh accelerate, harsh break and harsh turn. Device can send notifications to web platform and app.
  • Crash Alert and Automatically Video Upload:
    Based on Built-in 9-axis accelerate sensor and algorithm, device can detect crash. When crash happens, device will automatically upload the video of the crash moment to web server. And the footage will be saved on cloud server, user can view anytime via smartphone.
  • Vibration Alert:
    If vibration detected when ACC off (parking), device will send notification to web platform and app. Also user can set automatically upload vibration alert video to web server, user can view on smartphone.
  • DUAL CHANNEL Front Facing Full-HD Camera and Internal Cabin Camera. Front camera records the road, whilst the cabin camera records inside the vehicle.
  • SIM CARD Connected to the 3G network, use your smartphone to view live video/photo from front and rear cameras from anywhere you can get network access.
  • SMARTPHONE APP Via the open App, receive notification of car movement outside the Geofence or in the event of an accident or incident if the GPS sensor is activated.
  • LIVE VIEW Remotely view live footage from both the internal and external cameras using your smartphone. Communicate via the 2 way radio with anyone inside your vehicle. Differs from REMOTE VIDEO below, live view doesn’t have a time limit.
  • REMOTE VIDEO: Differs from LIVE VIEW (live stream/ real time video) above, remote video is that user request remote video on app, device will immediately record and upload a seconds long video to cloud server, where user can download on smartphone app or web platform.

JC200 Download


Box size: 21.5*11.5*10.5
Box weight: 800g
Carton Quantity: 10 units
Carton size: 54*24.5*24.7
Carton weight: 9.36 KGS

JC200 truble-shooting

  • Device shows offline
    1.) Check if the IMEI in server, by asking your seller.
    2.) Check if the sim card has data service and credit. You can call the sim card or ask carrier after-sales hotline.
    3.) Becasue your sim card is not within APN auto-configure database. So need you manually set APN by PC or SMS command. This is the most usually reason why device cannot get online.
    4.) Mind that first time device need move in open-skype area to get GPS locatated, in order to login platform.
  • Device output “Memory is not enough”
    This voice means something went wrong. Mostly because the SD card memory has problem. Before you insert SD card, please delete all saved data or format to FAT32, and at least to make sure it is 8GB available. If you use a 64GB or 128GB SD card, must format the card to be FAT32.
  • SMARTPHONE APP Via the open App, receive notification of car movement outside the Geofence or in the event of an accident or incident if the GPS sensor is activated.
  • Use PC software to get JC200 Screen.
    This is very useful to set APN, much easier than set through SMS command. 
    This link shows how to use Vysor to set APN on PC.
    Just use a noraml android USB cable to connect JC200 with computer. Please mind the operation in manual above link carefully. “Power on the device with ACC ON, and wait for it start the system until all the LED is blinking or solid, then disconnect the ACC line, and connect to PC with USB data cable.”

JC200 Q&a

It depends how often you request remote video, live stream and remote photo.
Data consumption as below.
Both forward & backward cameras are 60KB/second @ 640 X 352 MP4.
Forward Cam 14MB/10 sec @ 1920 X 1080 3GP.
Backward Cam 364KB/ 10sec @ 640 X 352 3GP.
Forward Cam 1.8MB @ 1920 X 1080 PNG.
Backward Cam 100KB @ 640 X 352 PNG.

Yes, JC200 does dual-channel record at the same time.

Footage can be transferred to smartphone through WIFI hotspot. Steps: first, connect smart phone with JC200’s WIFI hotspot. Second, open car-matrix smartphone app, and enter Media Center. Then user can browse, view and download footage files saved in TF card.

Forward Camera 135 MB/ 3min @ 1080P MP4; Backward Camera 70 MB/3min @ 640 X 352 MP4. So 3 minutes two cameras will save 205 MB. 32GB can record for around 7.5 hours.

No, JC200 won’t record when ACC off. But if any strong impact detected by G-Sensor, alert will be triggered. immediately JC100 sends message notifications to your smartphone. Meanwhile JC100 will record seconds footage into TF card. By settings, user can choose to record and upload a seconds video to cloud, instead of saving in local TF card.

Yes, for JC200 WIFI hotspot only works when sim card is inserted and have data service.

After you insert Sim card, powered on J200 and ACC on, you can find JC200’s WIFI in cellphone settings->Wlan, the password is the last 8 of the IMEI (WIFI name).
When ACC off, automatically JC200 will turn off its WIFI hotspot. But still user can turn on device wifi even ACC is OFF, through CarMatrix app -> Media Certer – >Media Sync.
One thing, if there is no sim card installed, JC200 won’t have WIFI hotspot.

WIFI hotspot name is device’s IMEI, a serial numbers. The password is the last 8 of the IMEI.

No, it doesn’t. Your smartphone get device SD card video through WIFI, doesn’t cost any 3G/4G data.

Yes not a problem. And it is free for certain order quantity. 

No, you cannot. Because video saved in SD card is too big size, a 3 minutes 1080p is 120MB. If transfer such big file through 3G, will cost lots of data and quite long time to complete the transfer, even possible to fail to transfer. It will cause lots of aftersales problem and bad user experience.

Yes, we can customize firmware for your requirements. We have our own developer teams for ODM.

This is a good question. JC dash cams are new and a time 4G even 5G smartphones have been go popular. We have considered to use 4G module on JC, but for reasons below, we decided to use 3G module.
1. JC dash cameras are not smartphones, they are dash cameras with specified functions. The most important is to ensure a smooth live video, both of our JC100 and JC200, only need 60KB/sec when do live stream, and 3G bandwidth is very capable for such light data transit. The minimum of WCDMA speed is 200KB/sec, average WCDMA is 0.1MB/sec, HSPA is 1.5MB/sec to 7.2MB/sec, can ensure perfect live stream/ remote video/ Remote photo on JC100 and JC200.
2. Based on point one, that 3G is super capable for JC dash cameras. We consider no need to use 4G module, because 4G hardware is more expensive than 3G, but customers pay more for what they don’t need in the first place.
3. Despite in many countries 4G working well, but still many places even in developed counties or developing countries, the 4G still not stable and doesn’t cover enough areas. While 3G as a mature network, and its stations have been built for a long time, which makes 3G even cover more areas and more stable.
4. The most important is that in many countries such as USA, UK, and AU, our JC100 selling good, which has proven that JC100 is very smooth over 3G. And when 4G or 5G become main stream network, replacing of mature main-stream 3G network, we need to switch 4G or 5G as well.

Yes, we are. There are two 4G dash cameras under developing. As our plan, the 4G dashcam (without screen) will launch in Oct, 2018. While another 4G dashcam (with screen) will launch in the end of 2018. In future, we will develop more complex models, which are 4G or 5G.


First please download and install car matrix on appstore or google play. Web platform url: http://www.car-matrix.com. There is a demo button on login page, but we cannot assure if there is any available dash cam because too many live video requests from testings.
So please contact Techinican by email or by Skype to ask for a live test and tech support. We will set a dash cam online only for you and send you account and password to log in.

There is no quantity limit for trial order, you can order 1 unit. Normally we send by express like DHL, aramex. Process: 
1. Confirm model and quantity.
2. We make an pro-forma invoice, which covers products details, price, quantity, delivery, payment. To complete the PI, also we need you to provide consignee info such as Consignee name, phone, address, VAT (if needed by your Customs), Company name (optional), Postcode.
3. After receive your payment as pro-forma Invoice. We will send products and give you delivery tracking No.

We do have a sprad pricing depending on quantity. For details, please Ask for price  by Skype, or By Email.

Wrapper. It is a wrapper on white box packing. We provide service for customizing wrapper with your logo and design.
Platform both web & app.  They can be branded as well. 

Normally we have enough inventory as a manufacturer. But for ensuring a fast shipping, you may need ask us inventory. Or tell us your order plan, so we can manufacture in advance.


Any inquiry, please feel free to contact. Beside standard products, Concox & Jimi are good at ODM.
Occasionly Concox & Jimi have promotions on several models. For e.g. for 200 units order, send some units for free as gifts.

E: daniel.su@jimilab.com
Whatsapp: +86 186 1706 3756
Skype: danielsuxin
Official site: www.jimilab.com / www.iconcox.com

Prompt response is assured within 24 hours once receive your message.

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