Concox Vehicle Tracker Command List

Every model has a command sheet, but for our vehicle trackers, most commands are the same, such as STATUS#, GPRSSET#.
To use the command, you can send via cellphone SMS, or through serial tool (SSCOM) on PC. ( How to do COM configuration. )

To get full command list, please send request to:

Some of our users need GSP keep uploading GPS location when even acc is off (ignition off), a command had been added to enable it.

Driver behavior
has been added to many models standard version firmware: GT06E, X3, X1, JV200
Customized firmware models: GT06N, GT08, GV20, WeTrack2. These models, if you need turn on driver behavior, please ask our sales.

Set Server   
Set by domain: SERVER,1,domain name,port,0#
Set by IP: SERVER,0,IP,port,0#

Tracksolid Server Set   
All our trackers default server is tracksolid, which is developed by ourselves.
If you need reset your devices to point to tracksolid, please check sheet below. You can download sheet here

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