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Concox (Shenzhen Concox Information Technology Co., Ltd) & Jimi (Shenzhen Jimi IOT Co., Ltd, previous name Shenzhen Jimi Electronic Co., Ltd) are both under Jimi Group. Concox is specialized in GPS Tracker, while Jimi focuses on dash camera, home camera and related platform & system development. Now Concox & Jimi 500 employees work in the same offices, which is located in Bao’an, Shenzhen. Shenzhen headquarter is mainly for R&D, marketing, sales and administration. Beside Bao’an headquarter, we have a Shanghai branch for dash camera R&D. In zhejiang there is a branch for domestic market, and in Guangzhou, there is a branch for international market.
The factories named Huizhou Jimi Electronics are located in Huizhou city, which is around 1.5 hour drive from Shenzhen headquarter. There are now two factories in Huizhou, one is for GPS Tracker, another one is for Home camera, dash camera and sharing bike lock. Huizhou factories there are around 1000 employees. We have a factory in Guizhou province, where there are hundreds workers for GPS Tracker manufacturing as well.

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About Shenzhen Jimi IoT

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About Shenzhen Concox

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About gz.jimilab.com


GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker based fleet management solution. We also have developer teams for server, web platfrom and app. 
Concox is a popular brand in GPS tracker field. GT06N and wetrack2 are ones of the most popular models all cross the world.

Dash Camera

Cloud dash camera, 4G/3G + WIFI + GPS. Web server, web plaform and APP. We have two kinds dash cameras, one is consumer electronics for end-user, another is for fleet management. 
Hardware package, web platform and app, support branding.
Also we provide device SDK for clients to integrate devices into their own server.

IP Camera

4G/3G + WIFI + Full HD/HD.
Two-way talk,
Motion detection,
Night vision with IR,
24/7 live video,

We have our own team to develop app. Also we provide device SDK/protocol for clients tto integrate devices into their own server.

As a supplier of Best Buy, the R&D, quality control, manufacturing capability have been proven.

Sharing Bike Lcok

As a supplier of OFO, quality has been proven.
GSM + GPS + Bluetooth. 
Special lock structure,
Water & dust proof,
Internal 10000 mah 18650 battery,
External solar pannel power supply.
Device protocol is provided for client sever coding.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible products.

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Based on deep understandings of products and whole-set solutions,
We would like to work with you – partners from all around the world,
to realize any idea which can make the world more connected.

Would like to know more about us or visit us?
Please contact: daniel.su@jimilab.com
TEL: +86 186 1706 3756

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