An excuse for speed drive? A new Benz nearly killed its driver?

Imagine that your car is speeding at over 120 KM but out of control even getting close to a toll booth. A man from central China’s Henan province reportedly found himself in exactly that situation. He bought the brand new Benz few months ago and drove to attend a fair, turning on cruise mode. But later he found the cruise cannot be turn off, the car out of control since the gear and brake system completely didn’t work. But thank god, the steering wheel was still under control. He called the Benz help center and did everything as instructed but still the car cannot be slowed down. Finally he called the police. Footage from surveillance cameras along the highway shows the vehicle zooming past a toll booth that authorities cleared out after learning that an out-of-control car was heading their way.

The traffic polices said their Toyota even hardly caught up with the 120km Benz. Traffic authorities also urgently open the check gate which the out of control car would pass through. As to the toll booth video, the car obviously crossed at a very high speed. According to the driver, he thought he was going to die. In order to slow down, he even considered to collide with road fence or crash to a truck. But finally gave up because too dangerous for 120 km speed. Thanks to rich drive experience, he managed to drive 100 km at such high speed with no brake control.

It was reported that the car finally get stopped by Benz center’s remote control. But the latest news denied that, released that finally the driver opened the door and unlocked the belt to be able to slow down. The driver said he would pay the damaged fence and gate and other pubic traffic property damaged by him.

Video about the: Lost control Benz

Cruise control allows a vehicle’s driver to lock its accelerator at a desired speed and take his or her foot off the pedal.

This news has become top one of hot spots on internet. Benz as a luxury brand, has a very big market in China. Another similar brand is BMW. The two brands are extremely popular in China, have been the first choice for most middle and upper classes, even though the price is even much higher in China because of high taxes. In 2017, Mercedes benz sold 3,3 million cars, while China took 25%.

Even it came to April, the issue is still not solved. The car has been kept by authority, waiting for examination. While Benz implies that the driver is lying. The driver insist a third party to do the examining, said he didn’t believe Benz company.


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