Concox Vehicle Tracker Command List

Every model has a command sheet, but for our vehicle trackers, most commands are the same, such as STATUS#, GPRSSET#. To use the command, you can send via cellphone SMS,…

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How to configure Concox GPS Tracker video shows how to configure Concox GPS tracker on PC. To get the configuration cable, please contact me: or ask the sales who is serving you.The matrials in…

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Asset Tracker Battery Level Sheet

AT4 and AT6 BatteryVoltage100%4.299%4.1798%4.1697%4.1596%4.1495%4.1394%4.1293%4.1192%4.0991%4.0890%4.0789%4.0574%3.9571%3.92 AT3 BatteryVoltage100%3.6v90%3.5v80%3.4v70%3.3v60%3.2v50%3.1v40%3.0v30%2.9V20%2.8V10%2.7V0%2.6V GT710 BatteryVoltage100%>=2.93v90%2.88v80%2.82%70%2.77v60%2.7v50%2.66v40%2.6v30%2.55v20%2.4v10%2.4v02v

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Device sharing protocol sheet

Same protocol: TR06, GT06E, GT06F, WeTrack2 (ET200), GV20Same protocol: JM01, GT03C, GT800, WeTrack Lite (GV25), X3, JV200, GT08, HVT001, ET25, OB22, Q2 (GT310)Same protocol: AT6, AT4, AT3, AT2, AT1, Qbit,…

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Exhibition plan of 2019

1.8 - 1.112019 International CES2.25 - 2.28Mobile World Congress3.5 - 3.72019 National Shared Mobility Summit4.23-4.26Navitech Moscow,Russia4.11-4.14Global Sources Electronics 20194.13-16HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring)4.15-4.19Canton Fair - April, Spring5.14-5.16SECUREX SOUTH AFRICA5.22-5.24Intermodal…

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